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This course is designed to teach the student the fundamentals of understand written Bohairic Coptic, currently used in the Coptic Church.  Each lesson is divided into three sections:  Grammar, Vocabulary, and Excercises.  The course should be utilized in the order that it appears.  Vocabulary is cumulative and should be learned for each lesson before proceeding to the next one for maximum benefit.  After Lesson 6, a written quiz is administered to gage the progress of the student.  At the conclusion of all lessons a written final is given.  All leson and examinations are included below.

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Viewing Instructions

To be able to view these lessons you are required to have two items:

  1. "Antonious" Coptic Font (3 Fonts).  To download a compressed file containing these fonts click here.  After downloading, unzip the files using pkunzip utitlity and install the fonts in Windows like any other TrueType font via the Fonts icon in Windows Control Panel.
  2. Microsoft Word Viewer.  For download and installation instructions click here

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Coptic Lessons

Introduction Ecclesiastical Principle, Coptic Principle, Developmental History of the Coptic Language
Lesson 1 Alphabet and pronunciation.
Lesson 2 Noun types, Definite Article, Prepositions, Elementary Bipartite Sentence the Affirmative and the Negative for definite nouns.
Lesson 3 Indefinite Article, Genitive, Elementary Bipartite Sentence the Affirmative and the Negative for indefinite nouns.
Lesson 4 Relative Clause, Relative Nouns, Demonstrative Adjectives - Far Objects, Greek Nouns.
Lesson 5 Possessive Adjectives, Demonstrative Adjectives - Nearer Objects, the Infix '-ke-'.
Lesson 6 Nominal Sentence: 2-member & 3-member, Demonstrative Pronouns.
Lesson 7 Independent Personal Pronouns, Interrogative Pronouns.
Lesson 8 Tripartite Construction: First Perfect Tense, Prepositions with Verbs of Motion.
Lesson 9 Directional Adverbs, Conjunction in Verbal sentences.
Lesson 10 Declension of prepositions.
Lesson 11 Direct and Indirect Object, Negative Construction of the Verbal Sentence.
Lesson 12 Coptic Verbal Forms, Syntax of Coptic Numbers, Coptic Abbreviations (Sacra Nomina).
Final Exam

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Prepared by Hany N. Takla. Last Update 10/18/96

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